Trend Summit Speaker Key Takeouts - Dr Giles Yeo & Matthew Glover

The penultimate key takeouts round-up from the 2021 Food & Beverage Trend Summit, wrapping up discussions with Cambridge Uni Genetics Research Scientist Dr Giles Yeo and leader in the plant-based movement, Matthew Glover.

Two topics that always had to feature in our 2021 Trend Summit due to their prevalence were Health & Wellness and Plant-Based eating. Dr Giles Yeo took us through the former discussing his work as a geneticist and how we can be looking at creating 'better for you' ultra processed foods rather than trying to avoid them. Consider your protein intake, don't count calories, current labelling is out dated - we challenge you not to be encapsulated by Giles.

We then heard from a leader in the plant-based movement, Veganuary founder and Co-Founder of VFC, Matthew Glover who gave us more insight into the continued riding trend for veganism. Despite the large amount of noise around plant-based eating it's still from a small platform, for now - one that Matthew's continuing to grow.

Dr Giles Yeo

Cambridge University genetics research scientist Dr Giles Yeo gives us an intriguing take on why calories don't count and the science behind this concept. From highlighting the errors in calorie labelling and why these are incorrect - due to how different foods, protein, carbohydrates and fats, are processed by the body.

Dr Yeo also challenges the industry to make better ultra processed foods using the principles of how diets really work, when considering the amounts of protein in the foods we eat. There are people who find it harder to say no in society which leads to some of the problems we have out there today in terms of the obesity crisis. In our food environment where everything is available and convenient it's more important than ever to work on making these convenience foods better while still fulfilling the body's desire.


Matthew Glover - Veganuary, VFC & Veg Capital

A leader in the plant-based and vegan movement, Matthew Glover takes us through the continuing momentum and statistics behind plant-based eating. As the founder of Veganuary, Co-Founder of VFC and MD of Veg Capital, Matthew is well-positioned to share insight into the industry, one that's been one of the biggest movements in our generation.

The statistics continue to show the gradual shift to plant-based eating, flexitarian diets and those looking for meat alternatives, although despite a lot of noise around plant-based eating it's still from a small platform, for now - one that Matthew's continuing to grow.