Trends Event Speaker 2019 Josh Niland

Josh Niland will speak of his multi-award winning Australian fish eatery Saint Peter, in Paddington, Sydney, where he masterminds operations as both owner & chef. Josh garnered much international attention when developing a unique and groundbreaking approach to dry ageing fish, a pioneering idea to utilise the entire fish; inside and out.

With an ability to craft the most delicious dishes from rarely used or often discarded parts of fish, as well as his broader innovative approach towards traditional fish butchery, Josh has established himself as a trend setter. From utilising swim bladders to scales, the accolades have been forthcoming as a result of his revolutionary approach, in part inspired by London's St John eatery - familiar champions of the nose to tail practice.

However, it was the time spent working at Sydney's Fish Face which proved most formative, helping the young chef to elucidate upon his precise direction. With much to be spoken about, from hanging fish with no smoke, salt or water, to the value in a zero waste model; Josh Niland's appearance at 2019's event is hotly anticipated.

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OUR 6TH ANNUAL FOOD AND BEVERAGE TRENDS EVENT TAKES PLACE ON TUESDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2019. Come and join 350 influencers from across the globe to immerse in the food and beverage trends of the future and the pre-release of our brand new trend book for 2020/21.