TrueStart Introduces 'Lightly Caffeinated' Coffee At Coop Stores

TrueStart, produces of popular barista grade instant coffee that's designed to be healthier for you thanks to its reliable, stable caffeine content, has launched their new Lightly Caffeinated Instant Coffee in retailers.

TrueStart describe the coffee, which originally launched on their site towards the end of 2023, as the perfect coffee for all day drinking. Full flavour and half the caffeine. At the time of launch, the brand claimed that it was the first of its kind in the UK, unique in its low caffeine content.

Having already launched in key retail partners back in 2023, the new Lightly Caffeinated Instant Coffee rolls out nationwide in Co-op stores this month making it much more widely available. Find out more about TrueStart and its coffees here.

Back in March last year we published a report on low caff and decaf coffee, highlighting the rise of the category and consumer consumption. The search for lower caffeine is undoubtedly being driven by the overarching trend for health and wellness with excess consumption thought to be linked to insomnia, palpitations and irritability as well as potentially aggravating the the symptoms of anxiety.

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