Turning Noxious Weeds Into Award Winning Spirits

James Bay Distillers in Washington State, USA, has come up with an innovative way to utilise the invasive noxious weeds that otherwise only cause problems in the local area - by using them as key botanicals in its award-winning spirit, Finocchietto.

In the local county where James Bay Distillers is located, noxious weeds are found growing in abundance along roadways and encroaching on farmers fields, often posing a threat to local native grasslands. It's such an issue that there are local rules that call for the control of this non-native, highly destructive species. The distillery has selected fennel as one of its key botanicals, combining it with anise, almond and vanilla from an original Italian recipe for Finocchietto, a classic rustic Italian spirit.

A great accompaniment to many foods, including classic Italian lamb, pork and pasta dishes in particular, the spirit often serves as a palate cleanser between courses or as a digestivo. Mixed with champagne or prosecco, Finocchietto forms the base for a cocktail inspired by Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink, called "Death in the Afternoon."

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