UK's Best Fish and Chip Shops Revealed In Betway's New List

It might not be as official as the National Fish and Chip Awards, but Betway's ranking of the UK's best fish and chip shops has been revealed. The list compiled data from Google, TripAdvisor and Instagram to come up with the most-popular list.

The top 10 is as follows:

1. East Coast, Musselburgh, Scotland, and Fish Lounge, London
2. Frankie's Fish and Chips, Brae, Scotland
3. The Bearded Sailor, Pudsey, Leeds
4. Jacksons, Newton Abbot, Wales
5. Noah's, Bristol
6. The Proper Fish and Chips Co, Exmouth
7. Brockley's Rock, London
8. Hobson's Fish & Chips, Soho and Peckish Fish and Chips, Cornwall
9. #Fish, Edinburgh
10. Saltwater, Devon and Squires, Devon

The list shone a light on a range of establishments that may not otherwise have made the usual top awards lists, including London's joint first placed Fish Lounge which is located unassumingly between two barber shops in Brixton. It was one of two London fish and chips restaurants to make the top 10, which is two more than made the entire National Fish & Chip awards for 2024. In that awards list, Knights Fish Restaurant in Glastonbury was named the best sit-in fish and chips restaurant, whilst Ship Deck in Caerphilly, Wales was crowned as the best takeaway.

Betway may not off the most expected of top restaurant lists but the selection process using different digital feedback loops from customers on review platforms and social media networks definitely provides an interesting list,