UK's First Food Waste Supermarket Opens

Food waste is high on the agenda today, and this week the first 'food waste supermarket' has opened in Pudsey, near Leeds. Launched by The Real Junk Food Project, the warehouse location is stocked with surplus food from supermarkets and local businesses, while customers can pay what they feel like, be that in money, time or even skills.

The Real Junk Food Project is said to receive on average between two, to 10 tonnes of food at its warehouse each day. The project started out with small cafes, selling left over or waste products, as well as hand outs to local schools and but as surplus grew, the project needed somewhere to distribute its stock. From here, the supermarket grew.

Project founder, Adam Smith, told the BBC: "Usually we donate it [leftover food] to local schools but over the summer we ended up with all this surplus and we wondered how we would get rid of it," Mr Smith said.

"We moved it to one part of the warehouse, put a notice up on social media asking people to come and get it, and it just went mad."

Find out more about The Real Junk Food Project, and locate your nearest cafe, here.