UK's First On-Demand CBD Service

The ongoing lockdown situation due to COVID-19 has made it difficult for many of us to enjoy some of our favourite treats, which is certainly frustrating when we look to food and drink to lift the spirits more than ever right now.

For those who are used to enjoying their CBD hit from drinks manufacturer TRIP, there is a new solution to get your hands on one of their cans, thanks to a new collaboration with delivery service Deliveroo.

TRIP are making their range of CBD-infused drinks available via the on demand delivery app, at least for those in the areas of Battersea, Swiss Cottage & Whitechapel.

This means you can now enjoy one of their 'jitter free' Cold Brew Coffees or even create a weekend cocktail with their Elderflower and Ginger mixes too.

For those wishing to order, simply visit the Deliveroo app when in the aforementioned locations.