UK's First Orange Wine Bar Silver Lining Launches in Hackney, London

Orange Wine has caused a stir amongst some but its here to stay as an increasingly popular choice amongst the Oenophiles and Silver Lining in Hackney symbolises this trend in the UK's first all-Orange Wine bar.

Silver Lining opened earlier this month, initially as a bottle shop offering over 30 varieties of the wine, the bar hopes to reopen soon as a fully functioning wine bar with an entirely orange wine list accompanied by a seasonal selection of small plates. Visitors can also drop in for a cocktail next door as well, at sister venue Every Cloud.

Find out more about Silver Lining over on its website.

What is Orange Wine?

It's not wine made with oranges. Orange wine is made using white grapes mashed up then left to ferment with the skin and seeds still in the mix. It's a natural process that little to no additives and also often no yeast either, resulting in a different taste to what most would normally be used to.