UK's Top 50 Cocktail Bars Announced Plus Melbourne Cocktail Exhibition

The UK's top 50 cocktail bars have been announced and London once again comes out on top with 23 of the top 50 including this year's winner, Satan's Whiskers. Having opened back in 2013, the Bethnal Green bar is one of the capital's original cocktail spots serving a daily changing menu often curating exciting twists on classics, whilst innovating along the way too.

Satan's Whiskers climbed four placing from last year's ranking to beat 2022 winner Cardiff's Lab 22, winner of the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award at 2021's World's 50 Best Bars. The podium was completed by another London drinking spot, Tayer + Elementary in Shoreditch. The latter offers two types of visitor experience - with Elementary being a casual all-day offering where cocktails are served from a draught system, whilst through a partition Tayer can be found which offers a menu of more exotic seasonal cocktail menu for a more sophisticated drink.

The top 10 is as follows:

1. Satan's Whiskers, London
2. Lab 22, Cardiff
3. Tayer + Elementary, London
4. Schofield's Bar, Manchester
5. Swift Soho, London
6. Panda and Sons, Edinburgh
7. Three Sheets, London
8. Speak in Code, Manchester
9. Bar with Shapes for a Name, London
10. The Connaught, London

Discover the list in full here.


On the topic of cocktails, Melbourne is set to welcome an exciting new multi-sensory cocktail exhibition next month, bringing to life creations from six celebrated local artists who will be reimagining their favourite cocktails as immersive, interactive installations at Southbank's Kingpin. Introducing the Art of Mixology.

From scented bubbles and captivating soundscapes to projection illusions and bold sculptures, this exhibition will take guests on a journey through the carefully curated cocktail menu. Those involved include artist and food designer Ryan L Foote, projections artist Nick Azidis, and Mikaela Stafford who's work has previously been displayed at the Tate Modern.

Find out more here.


We also recently published our menuwatching report on Cocktails and Bar Snacks 2023, where we analyse thousands of touchpoints across global menus and social media in order to identify the big trends and future foresight. Channels covered in this report include cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels. While the focus of the report is out of home, inspiration can be taken for retail ready-to-drink cocktails and party food.

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