Unearthing a record breaking 193-course menu!

Do you struggle with 3 courses choosing the starter and dessert option only, or the main course and dessert? Well you might want to loosen your belt and gird your loins for this marathon meal that hopes to break the world record for the number of courses served!

Unearthed's gigantic, record-breaking, globe-spanning, tongue-challenging pop-up is being held on the weekend of June 14th in London. They'll have Guinness there to officiate for the world's longest tasting menu, on which you can taste things like Romanian Bird's Milk (from cows really – no birds were harmed in the making).

The reason they chose 193 courses is because they’re representing each country in the world. Prepare for the obscure as you eat your way through "Meat Gutab" from Azerbaijan, Congolese grasshoppers and Malaysia’s stinky durian fruit.

If you want to attend, you can buy tickets in hour-long blocks on 10th June (the first lot have sold out). Go to http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/6647527935/eorg first come, first serve!