US Brand Crumbl Cookies Collabs With Kellogg's For A Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart Cookie

Popular US cookie brand Crumbl Cookies has recently announced a new collaboration with Kellogg Co to introduce the Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts cookie. This limited edition buttery cookie is stuffed with a sweet strawberry filling before being covered with white chocolate, then finished off with rainbow sprinkles creating a mini strawberry pop tart with a twist.

The cookie was available at more than 500 Crumbl Cookies stores across 45 states in the US from 10-17th July.

"Our Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts cookie is a Crumbl fan favourite, and we're so excited to partner with Pop-Tarts on this go-around," said Chelsea Currier, vice president of research and development at Crumbl. "We wanted to truly bring together the joy that is Pop-Tarts with the warm strawberry filling, but with our signature cookie style, which is soft in the centre with a slightly crunchy edge. We wanted to highlight the icing that Pop-Tarts is known for, so we decided on a pool of melted white chips and a sprinkle of rainbow sugar. To fully bring the experience together we used the Pop-Tarts Mini to finish the cookie in style and really bring the experience home."

The Crumbl brand was founded by two cousins who went in search of creating their perfect cookie. The duo opened their first store in Utah in 2017 whereby customers could watch the bakers prepare the cookies before they were being sold. Also important to the brand was the use of quality ingredients. Having started with just a Chocolate Chip Cookie, for takeout and delivery, the range soon expanded into a weekly rotating menu. Since opening, Crumbl has has expanded to over 300 bakeries in 36 states across the US, making it the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation.

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