Uyghur Restaurant Etles Opens Second Establishment

The Walthamstow favourite Etles shall now be available upon Finchley Road, dishing up its fantastic array of Uyghur food, having already established a passionate fanbase at its first site in East London.

Chefs Mukaddes Yadikar and Ablikim Rahman have previously showcased their skills and passion for Uyghur cooking with firm fan favourites including Big Plate Chicken with hand pulled noodles and Chaomian - a tasty stir fry of noodles cooked in a wok with beef, veal or lamb, celery, and tomato.

The Uyghur dining experience offers an extremely diverse range of flavours and influences, primarily thanks to its heritage being rooted along the ancient silk road, where Kazakstan and Turkey having strongly contributed to the palette of ingredients which the Uyghur people have made their own.

Etles is now open at 424 Finchley Road, where a familiar menu is set to greet fans, all in a larger space for even more to experience the joy of this unique culture.

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