Valentine's Day 2020 Trends

All you need is love, some multi-coloured chocolates, a truffle 'love parcel' or a nice evening with pals to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. As another day dedicated to all things love passes, we've had a look into what is rocking the world of Valentine's Day 2020 in our latest categorywatching report. Below are three of the stand-out trends from the report - have a read and explore the full article below.

A Bit On The Side

It's all about the added extras here as sauces, butters and garnishes are helping to elevate our favourite steaks, fillets and cocktails, with these big flavours and visual feasts adding to this very special dining occasion.


Creating memories with loved ones brings a whole new dimension to Valentine's Day, with brands and outlets bringing a more experiential approach to sharing with loved ones. From in-store chapels to a whole host of fun, personalised moments, consumers are given another reason to visit and shop.

How We Say It

It's not all about romantic lovers this Valentine's, there's now something for everyone - pets, children, friends and even singles enjoying their freedom. Things do still get a little cheeky with our messaging (love sausage anyone?), but a more inclusive approach brings u-rated, pop culture and even anti-Valentine's fun to the party.

View the full report here.