Vegan Brand Perennial Debuts 'Healthy Ageing' Dairy-Free Drink

US brand Perennial, a vegan products brand championing living a full life after the age of 50, has debuted a dairy-free drink designed to promote healthy ageing. The drink contains a range of nutrients including omega-3s, B12, choline, vitamin E, folate, calcium, vitamin D, prebiotic fibre and complete plant protein.

With a focus on plant-based products to help people live healthier and more active lives after 50, the products Perennial develops promote healthy brain, bone, digestive, and muscle health, and are personalised for the elder generation who 'often fall short in certain nutrients'.

Who are Perennial?

We believe in living healthier and thriving at any age. As a progressive health science company, we aim to take a new approach to global adult nutrition by harnessing the power of plants. Through relentless innovation, we strive for a cleaner, more personalised and thoughtful approach to ageing well, with delicious products that improve human life, and redefine what it means to be 50+.

Find out more about the brand and its products over on the company website here.

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