Vegan Fried Chicken, VFC, Launches in Tesco Stores

The Vegan Fried Chicken brand, VFC, is set to launch across Tesco stores nationwide with three new products being introduced in the supermarket on World Vegan Day, 1st November. VFC will be stocked in 370 stores of the supermarket chain from next month, with VFC's Original Recipe chicken fillets, popcorn chicken, and chicken bites all being introduced.

The move comes as part of Tesco's pledge to increase its sales of plant-based by 300 percent over the next five years. While for VFC it's a big step forward into mainstream consumer visibility, confirmed by co-founder Matthew Glover. "We're incredibly excited to be working with Tesco to bring VFC into mainstream grocery. As the new vegan brand on the block, we couldn't be happier to join the range of quality vegan products already offered by Tesco, and to be injecting a little passion into the sector.

"Our mission, of course, is to disrupt the current food system that is tied to factory farming, slaughterhouses and environmental degradation."

Matthew Glover, also the co-founder of Veganuary and MD at investment firm Veg Capital, is one of the key speakers at our upcoming Trend Summit next month, talking about the momentum behind vegan eating, why it's more relevant than ever, the impact of Veganuary, veganism in the context of a flexitarian diet and other exciting Veg Capital projects. Find out more about Glover here and make sure you're registered for our 8th annual Food & Beverage Trend Summit which is streaming live on Tuesday 23rd November. Join us.

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