Veganuary Highlights

For some it's the longest and darkest month of the entire year, but January is finally over and with it also a month of eating vegan for the now annual fashionable Veganuary trend. We recently broke down what was what this year for Veganuary, including retail, events, restaurants and innovation.

The three most interesting points we saw this January can be summed up as:

Breakfast - We saw a lot of innovation when it came to breakfast, with tofu scrambles, sausage alternatives and even recreation of a runny of a runny egg yolk. Interestingly, breakfast sandwiches were also a huge hit.

Alternatives - There were plenty of alternatives to seafood as well as meat this year. We saw some pretty convincing looking mince made from soya, pulled peas, fishless fingers and even vegan shrimp.

Pizza - there were pizzas abound, and for the first time we saw a high number of supermarket options featuring cheese alternatives. This was in addition to a delicious looking selection available in restaurants.

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