Veuve Clicquot Breakfast Cafe Opens In Soho Today

Veuve Clicquot is opening a pop-up breakfast cafe in Soho today with its own unique Veuve feel to it - their own take on a classic greasy spoon cafe.

Inside the on-brand yellow look cafe, the menu is mainly all about eggs, There's egg and Marmite soldiers, a bacon bap and more. The main dish comes from TV chef Andi Oliver, which will be Andi's Waffles - a fried egg with streaky bacon, confit cherry tomatoes, waffles and Andi's spiced maple syrup.

Alongside that you'll of course be able to order a glass (or bottle!) of champagne to go with.

Take a trip to the Veuve Clicquot Sunny Side Up Café and celebrate the iconic Champagne House's 250th anniversary. In homage to the quintessentially British ingredient, the egg, Chef Andi Oliver created a very special waffles dish with a difference. Sip on a complimentary Yellow Label Brut as you taste the joy and audacity that both Andi and Veuve Clicquot encompass. It's the beloved greasy spoon but with a sunny, Veuve Clicquot twist!

Find out more about the limited time pop-up, from today until the end of the month, here.