Virtual Reality Beer Experience - POPdown by Cuisson

Interactive dining company Cuisson have created a new drinking and dining experience at their latest POPdown residency at Borough Market. They are inviting Londoners to try a multi-sensory video experience - 'Immersive and Gunn', a collaboration with Scottish craft beer Innis & Gunn. The aim is to see whether 'beer googles' really does change our perception.

Taking place at the Ikigai bar, each participant is asked to bring along a smart phone with web access and earphones in order to take part. They are served two glasses of beer and a Google glasses headset, which transforms the senses and completely alters the perception of flavour notes.

In addition to this, guests can enjoy two beers and the video experience with two matched dishes, such as a lime and chili squid dish coupled with a lager and a Pork belly and nashi pear dish matched with an Oak-aged beer.

Innis & Gunn have employed the expertise of cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Jacob Jolij, an expert on how our brain creates experiences. He explains that “Immersing the drinker in this virtual reality world created by Innis & Gunn is a very powerful way of enhancing the taste experience. It will change the way your brain processes and interprets the signals coming from your taste buds, drawing on personal memories of sight and sounds to create unique experience of the beer for every drinker".

To find out more on the event visit the website here.