ViSalus Launches Vi Bites Snacks

Celebrating over nine years of innovation, ViSalus is revolutionizing its snack category with its launch of Vi Bites – a bold, new wholesome snack option available in four original varieties. Introduced for the first time to thousands of Vi Promoters and Customers at ViSalus's largest annual global event, Vitality 2014, Vi Bites provides delicious and convenient bite-sized snack options to support healthy living and help consumers achieve their Challenge goals.

The introduction of Vi Bites enables the company to leverage growth opportunities in the popular snack food category. Studies show that the average person consumes almost 600 calories a day from snacking, and that the consumer trend of snacking between meals continues to grow with nearly 100% of people snacking at least once a day and 70% of all adults in the U.S. snacking almost three times a day. The quality of snack greatly impacts health and lifestyle. The U.S. Department of Agricultural Dietary Guidelines recommends whole-food, nutrient dense snacks like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits – all of which are part of ViSalus' line of four easy, on-the-go, high quality Vi Bites products that promote "smart snacking." Vi Bites is bite-sized nutrition at its best, available for consumption anywhere and anytime.

"Vi Bites takes better snacking to an entirely new level, allowing us to provide a smart option for those snacking occasions for our Customers and Promoters on The Challenge," said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO. "Our system of sensible eating offers people snack options between meals which are suitable to their lifestyle so attaining their healthy living goals cannot only be reached, but also maintained."

Vi Bites comes in four wholesome flavors. Fruit Frenzy is 50 calories, and is an all-natural mix of freeze-dried fruits that is a nutritious guilt-free sweet treat for weight-loss and weight maintenance goals. Also for weight loss and maintenance, Glorious Greens is 70 calories and is a blend of freeze-dried veggies with a savory Italian-style spice. The other two flavors target those who may want to gain lean muscle or reach active and fitness goals or are just looking for a higher protein snack. Chocolate Monkey is an all-natural snack with 9 grams of protein that combines banana chips, chocolate, nuts and seeds for a crunchy and sweet treat. Fiesta Nut has 10 grams of protein and is a combination of nuts, seeds, and soy nuts that is lightly spiced for a savory tasting delight.

source ViSalus