Vital Farms Introduces Bottled Ghee Butter and Liquid Whole Eggs

US company Vital Farms, specialists in pasture raised eggs & butter, has launched a line of simple to use ghee butter in squeezy bottles as well as liquid whole eggs. Both products are aimed at simplifying the cooking process with quick to hand ingredients in packaging that allows for repetitive use.

The bottled lactose-free ghee butter comes in two variants, original and Himalayan pink salt, both suitable for frying and sautéing. The liquid whole eggs are ideal for speeding up cooking or baking with precise measurements, and are ideal for making scrambled eggs, omelettes or quiches for example. Both are currently only available in Wholefoods in the US.

Scott Marcus, Vital Farms chief marketing officer, said: "People shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for convenience in the kitchen. So we set out to give them the highest quality, most ethically produced foods in more versatile and easier-to-use formats.

"We believe consumers can and should enjoy Vital Farms' delicious products and high standards even when short on time."

In September last year we compiled a healthwatching report on ghee as more consumers look for 'better butter and dairy'. The report looks at what ghee really is, where it's used and how it fits into modern day diets. Read the full report here.

Find out more about the Vital Farms brand here.