Vrai Vodka Drinks Offer Organic Excellence

Vrai Vodka Drinks is bringing its selection of organic craft alcohol beverages to the masses. Vrai Tangerine, Vrai Green Tea and Vrai Paloma are now available across select retail outlets in the Midwest, Florida, California, Texas and New Jersey. Vrai Vodka Drinks is carving out its own niche on crowded retail shelves by offering a great-tasting, all-organic, natural ingredient option in the fast-growing packaged spirits beverage category.

These products are packaged in eye-catching Ardagh 12 oz. sleek beverage cans, taking advantage of the best in environmental considerations as cans are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package.

Nicholas Piekoszewski, Managing Partner, Vrai Drinks, says it was time for consumers to be offered a truly organic spirit beverage with full ingredient disclosure. "Most other drinks in the flavoured malt beverage or spirits category contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours and colours and preservatives," he asserts. "Our vodka drinks are certified organic, gluten-free and all natural, with full disclosure of our ingredients on every product. The result is exceptional taste as well. It's like ordering a fresh craft cocktail at your favourite bar and then having it packaged in great looking cans."

Nicholas says the company's choice to package Vrai in aluminum beverage cans is to take advantage of the inherent benefits of the package, including portability as cans are allowed at pools, beaches and golf courses. "And we can use the entire surface of the can to showcase our brand and ingredients in a colourful way, where other pack types are limited in terms of space," he says.

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America, says the company is excited to support Vrai as it extends its reach across the country. "Vrai is a great example of a growing brand gaining increasing acceptance from a consumer base more concerned about exactly what ingredients are in the products they choose," he said. "And beverage cans are a great way to reach these consumers in a very efficient way as cans deliver the best in filling, distribution and retail display economics."

It's extending the availability of Vrai that Nicholas says the company is focused on now. "We'll be adding many more states in the next few months, with full coverage of the US by next year," he says. "We'll then look to international distribution as we continue to grow the Vrai brand and business as reaction to our products continues to be extraordinary."

Find out more about Vrai Vodka on the brand's website.