Waitrose Introduce Zhoug and Other Exotic New Ingredients

Supermarket chain Waitrose & Partners recently introduced 100 products to its Cooks' Ingredients range including some new, and perhaps unfamiliar, foods for home cooks including Zhoug. The range has been refreshed to reflect the changing tastes of shoppers. From Korea to Turkey, Calabria to Japan, the range includes key ingredients from cuisines from around the world.

The most interesting product that caught our eye was Zhoug, a Yemenite hot green chilli sauce. Also known as Zhug, this hot sauce has become popular in North America and Europe of late, and we covered it earlier this year in our foodwatching January report - Zhug: The Next Sriracha?

"There are many variations of classic Zhug recipes, but most agree on some basic elements... Always tons of herbs (usually coriander, parsley or both)acidity from lemons or limes, chillies and garlic - not to mention the generous spicing that gives Zhug its characteristic depth of flavour (usually cumin, coriander, cardamom and/or caraway).

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Other additions to the Waitrose range include Black Limes, which add complex citrus flavours to slow-cooked dishes; Kalamansi Juice from South East Asia; Pul Biber, a Turkish chilli flake; Ketjap Manis, a sweet soy sauce from Indonesia; Japanese Togarashi seasoning made from cayenne, orange peel and sesame.