Waitrose Launches First Ever Meal Deal

At £5, the new meal deal offer at Waitrose is the supermarket chain's first ever offer of the sort - featuring hundreds of products as part of a classic three-piece combination. Launching this week, on 30th August, customers will be able to choose from over 300 items and can opt for one of Waitrose's sandwiches, wraps or salads, or sushi (from a selected range), along with a choice of snack from a selection of cereal bars, crisps and snack pots, and a drink.

Following in the footsteps of the vast majority of other leading supermarkets who have offered this type of lunchtime-focused deal in both large and smaller high street branches, Waitrose make the introduction having seen sales of sandwiches rise by nearly 40% since 2020 as more and more people return to working from the office rather than home, looking for a quick and affordable lunchtime food option.

"This lunchtime deal means our customers can get a great quality sandwich, wrap, salad or sushi, along with a snack and a drink for £5, and if they have a myWaitrose loyalty card, and a reusable cup they can get a free cup of coffee at the same time," explained Jennifer Moscardini, Waitrose Food to Go Buyer.

"We haven't compromised on our standards either. We use British higher welfare chicken, pork & beef in our sandwiches, MSC prawns and salmon, and all our eggs come from free range hens. This year we've introduced more meal deals than ever before to help customers with the cost of living crisis, as well as investing £100m in new lower prices across our aisles."

As part of announcing its new Meal Deal, Waitrose also shared data on its most popular sandwiches over the past 10 years, with its Prawn Mayonnaise option being the best seller both 10 years ago as well as today. Also high on both lists is the Egg Mayonnaise sandwich, placing second most popular 10 years ago and third today. Seventh most popular 10 years ago, the Waitrose Cheese & Onion sandwich is now its second most popular option.