Waitrose Podcast Serves Up 'Life On A Plate'

The already strong trend for podcasts was only accelerated further still as a result of national lockdowns, especially with us unable to visit our favourite places to dine, giving airtime to the things we have missed and how we have adapted instead.

Joining the ranks of food focused podcasts is 'Life On A Plate', created by supermarket chain Waitrose, presented by the new Evening Standard restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa and Waitrose Food Editor Alison Oakervee. The duo shall speak with a variety of guests during each episode of the podcast, seeking to understand and explore the lives of their guests through their food experiences.

Names already announced for the opening trio of episodes are Great British Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain, chef Tom Kerridge and comedian Sarah Millican. Speak of its launch, Waitrose commented: "We're thrilled to be launching this brand new podcast. It could only ever be about one thing: food. The conversations Alison and Jimi have with our guests range from moving to funny, but are always entertaining and inspiring.

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