Watermelon Steak Turning Heads in NYC

A small eatery in New York City's East Village has got heads turning and mouths watering - making customers believe that a simple watermelon is a juicy steak dish.

Ducks Eatery in NYC is equally renowned for gourmet meats and small plate BBQ as it is for vegan meat recreations. One of their more recent developments was a cantaloupe burger that had folks buzzing as well.

When you look at the steps taken to develop the watermelon steak, you can see how much effort Chef Will Horowitz puts into his creations - breaking down the entire process step-by-step.

For the watermelon, Horowitz shaved off the fruit's rind before brining it for four days in spices, salt and ash. After that, the watermelon is smoked for eight hours, pan-roasted in its own juices with rosemary, and carved at the table for maximum impact.

Find out more about the location on its website here.