We Look at London as the Time Out City Life Index 2018 is Launched

Each year, Time Out magazine releases its City Life Index, a wide-scale anonymous survey of city-dwellers from all over the planet, asking people about food, drink, culture, community and more. We take a look at what Londoners have been saying, and how that compares to the rest of the world.

Borough by Borough

The biggest Brunch Bunch in town? That would be the borough of Redbridge, with each local putting away on average 23 instagrammable mid-morning meals last year.

Who spent most time down the pub? The award goes to the residents of Tower Hamlets, with on average 38 outings to bars per year. However, most hangovers would be found in Hackney and Lambeth.

Which borough ended the year as the most takeaway hungry? That would be Sutton, where locals get at least one takeaway or delivery each week.

Heading Out

Those under the age of 35 were more likely to drink cocktails or spirits, while those over 35 preferred wine or ales. The generations differ again with the younger tier more likely to eat tacos, pizzas and burgers; with the older split preferring the option of fry-ups, curry, and fish and chips.

London is, on average, MORE hungover than last year, sitting behind Paris in the chats as the most hanging.

In general when heading out, Brits are more likely to drink Gin than any there country surveyed, however those in London more prefer red, white or sparkling wine, as well as lager, cocktails and craft beer.

Where's best?

Londoners are spoilt for choice on locations to head out for some evening fun on the town, but which areas came out on top of where's best for a night out eating and drinking?

1. Soho, 40%
2. Shoreditch, 10%
3. Covent Garden, 5%
4. Brixton, 3%
5. Hackney, 3%

In their last week, Londoners most visited:

1. A restaurant, 68%
2. A bar or pub, 57%
3. The Cinema, 20%
4. Art, 17%
5. Street food, 15%

Further Afield

Bangkok came out as the street food capital of the world, with more people choosing to eat on their feet than any other capital city. Chicago topped the lists for the best city overall to visit, and with its food and drink scene there's little wonder why. The final top 10, ranked on criteria including food, drink, culture, friendliness, happiness and liveability are:

1. Chicago
2. Porto
3. New York
4. Melbourne
5. London
6. Madrid
7. Manchester
8. Lisbon
9. Philadelphia
10. Barcelona

Find out more about what's on in London, or your city, over on Time Out's website.