What if we could re-think the way we work?

Championing change for thefoodpeople runs beyond the food and drink industry, we are also championing change for our team, by trialling a new modern and dynamic way of working.

To support our team with a more sustainable life work balance, where personal wellbeing, happiness and time away from the desk is prioritised, we are piloting a 4-day working week. This way of working will be adopted from Monday 12th April 2021, where we'll begin a Monday to Thursday working week.

Should a genuine 'trends emergency' arise on a Friday, contact us directly at helpme@thefoodpeople.co.uk and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

We've always prided ourselves in being a forward-thinking company, originally establishing as a virtual business back in 2005. We now feel it's time to future proof ourselves and re-think our ways of working once again, following the lead of some of the world's most progressive businesses and academic research which suggests benefits for both employees and business.

If you are one of the estimated 1 million UK companies (The Times, April 2021) considering a move to a 4-day working week, contact us and we'll be more than happy to share our learning and experiences of 4 day working.

Our team are already planning their Fridays, here's how a few of us will be spending our time learning new skills, being with our families, volunteering and of course obsessing about food and drink…

Sophie – 'I will be spending Fridays at yoga workshops and hiking in the Collserola hills of Barcelona'

Olivia – 'I'll be training my new puppy on a Friday'

Scott – 'on Fridays I'll be working with Edinburgh Food Social, a social enterprise that helps provide food education in schools and runs a chef apprenticeship scheme for early school leavers.'

Ryan – 'on Fridays I'll perfecting my canelés de Bordeaux, making more single origin chocolate from the bean into truffles, bon bons and bars. Stocking up with lots of pastry work: chocolate croissants, stuffed croissants, puff pastry and probably a load of batch cooking for lunches during the week'

Sarah – 'On Fridays I'll be going for a swim, and meeting friends for a take away coffee. I will then walk my daughter home from school, stopping at the Village shop for Friday treats.