What's Going On This National Coffee Day

It's National Coffee Day, falling this 29th September in America, and 1st October here in the UK - we take a look at who's doing what.

Your local Starbucks may look a little different this National Coffee Day. Instead of the traditional menu boards, participating Starbucks stores in the United States will showcase the good that comes from every cup of coffee until Sunday, 1st October. Starbucks is using its menu boards for the first time to shed light on the role of coffee farmers, and bring awareness to the challenges they face, including coffee leaf rust and climate change.

"We want our customers to know that they can feel good about their Starbucks purchase, which is positively impacting coffee growing communities around the world," said Kelly Goodejohn, director of ethical sourcing, Global Social Impact & Public Policy for Starbucks. "This year, we want to share the incredible milestones that each coffee purchase is helping us realise. Making these investments today will help ensure the success of the next generation of coffee farmers and their families."

East London's Perky Blenders, coffee roasters, training academy and coffee bars, are hosting an open Coffee Festival on Sunday, the Perky Blenders Coffee Fest. They will be showcasing a busy day of Coffee talks, cuppings and workshops - and of course plenty of caffeine to go around.

Slightly more alternative, Coventry's Changamiri Coffee House will be screening Black Gold, a film about the world of coffee and its global trade both today and Saturday.

Looking ahead, Edinburgh hosts its annual coffee festival on Saturday 14 October at The Corn Exchange. The event brings together 3,000 coffee lovers and specialty coffee exhibitions to one place to share their passion and showcase their products to fellow coffee-aficionados.

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