What's trending Christmas 2017?

What's trending this Christmas? Find out in out Christmas 2017 report that has just been uploaded to our trendhub! To give you a sense of what's included, here's a little teaser:

The Holistic Global Themes – We've travelled the globe, visited markets, restaurants and retailers, read thousands of blog posts, hundreds of magazines, hundreds of videos and thousands images to bring you the Holistic Global themes for Christmas 2017

Mega Trends – For Christmas 2017 we've identified 8 Mega Trends that summarise the big opportunities that have been in evidence in 2017

Best Of: - Christmas is in evidence across most categories but we've looked at the 'best of' in over 15 Christmas hero categories from pies to poultry and cakes to advent calendars

Christmas 2017 is packed full of the themes, mega trends, best of, adverts, images to feed your imagination for Christmas 2018! Read the full report here.

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