What's your favourite apple?

We eat our way through billions of apples a year and there are over 3500 varieties, but what’s the nation’s favourite?

A recent survey by fresh fruit delivery company, Fruitdrop, tells us that it’s the Golden Delicious. Just under a third of men (29%) prefer this sweet apple compared to slightly less for women (23%) who prefer the slightly sharper Braeburn. Granny smith apples are a close second, with 21% of us enjoying this variety most.

In order of preference the apple rank looks like this: Golden Delicious (24%); Granny Smith (21%); Royal Gala (19%);  Braeburn (19%); Cox (17%).

These days we are most familiar with just a handful of varieties. We may produce billions of apples a year in Britain, but sadly 70% of those (many of the varieties listed above) are imported. Back in Victorian days there were so many different varieties around you could have eaten a different one every day for more than six years!

But with the rising demand for British produce the future for UK commercial apple production is looking good. So pause a moment before you pick up the French or South African apple and move you hand across to the Cox’s Orange Pippin, the Royal Worcester and the Russet!