Where the pancakes are...

Ahead of their first permanent restaurant launch this Summer, WHERE THE PANCAKES ARE… is hosting a pop-up this week aptly timed for Shrove Tuesday! Based at The Proud Archivist in Haggerston they will be serving freshly made pancakes and waffles.

Owner and self-taught cook Patricia has been developing her delicious guilt-free pancakes and brand for the past year: “Pancakes are a simple, honest and universally loved food – yet, where can we really go to experience the kind of dishes that fuse the ancient art of baking pancakes with modern food trends? That’s WHERE THE PANCAKES ARE…”

They are offering buttermilk pancakes made with an organic flour mix including buckwheat, duck-egg dairy free waffles, small stacks for children and a special Shrove Tuesday menu – celebrating the distinct British pancake traditions with an emphasis on lemon-sugar.

  • Smoked salmon & Asparagus
  • Baby greens with lime and coriander butter
  • Limoncello ricotta with citrus peel sugar
  • Berries with a choice of maple, lime or elderflower syrup
  • Baked cinnamon, toasted almond, red berries and lime zest

February 14th-22nd