Whipped Lemonade, Pesto Eggs - The Latest TikTok Trends Covered

TikTok is the gift that just keeps giving when it comes to off the wall food inspiration - we take a look at some of the latest trends to come from the social media platform.

Pesto Eggs
One of the latest and hugely popular food hacks to hit TikTok is Pesto Eggs - quite simply just that. Watch one of the Pesto Eggs videos over on TikTok here. Like many of the viral trends that have swept the globe recently, pesto eggs revel in their simplicity. The dish kicked off when TikToker and registered dietician nutritionist, Amy Wilichowski, posted the dish on TikTok at the end of April 2021. Since then the video has had over 120m views and spawned a whole host of copycat recipes and variations. The trend for Pesto Eggs was one that we covered over on foodwatching for our Trendhub subscribers. Read this here.

Whipped Lemonade
Another social media craze of the summer is that of Whipped Lemonade - dubbed by some as summer's number one drink. This sweet and sour frozen beverage with its has been shared all over TikTok. One of the things that has made this frothy treat so popular is the ability to make it your own with an alcohol themed twist or a more fruity mix with fresh flavours. It's a simple blended mixture of fresh lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream and ice - simple ingredients to make a drink that not only looks great but tastes, well, full of summer! Find out more here.

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