Whole Foods Market and Headspace Collab To Improve Overall Wellbeing

Whole Foods Market and mindfulness and mental wellness app Headspace have collaborated to introduce a collection of mood-brightening recipe videos, curated meditations and mindful exercises, aimed at improving overall wellbeing of the consumer.

A recent press release announcing the new partnership highlighted a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whole Foods Market which found that 85% of respondents would like to take steps to improve their overall well-being (e.g., health, happiness — both physically and mentally) a year into the pandemic. Connecting with food is also a priority, with 79% of consumers saying they want to learn to eat more mindfully. With Whole Foods Market as the one-stop destination for holistic, total body well-being needs and Headspace a global leader in mindfulness and meditation, an alliance between the two brands offers the tools needed to reprioritise physical and mental well-being by tapping into positive moods associated with certain foods.

"After a year of dramatically shifting routines and priorities, we know customers are eager to reprioritise well-being, and the beginning of spring is a great time to reset your meals and renew your mind," said Kylie Bentley, registered dietitian and team leader for Nutrition & Compliance at Whole Foods Market. "Whole Foods Market is a well-known destination for nutritious food that inspires wholesome meals. Now, together with Headspace, we are able to provide exciting tools for mindfulness."

From this month, customers can visit Whole Foods Market's IGTV page to watch all four episodes of Food for Mood, an original IGTV series featuring recipes created by chef, food and welfare advocate Sophia Roe, in collaboration with Whole Foods Market, and Harvard nutritional psychiatrist, chef and author of "This Is Your Brain on Food," Dr. Uma Naidoo. Episodes highlight specific ingredients and tips to inspire one of four positive moods: joyful, energised, focused and relaxed.