Wholesome Launches Biodynamic Cane Sugar At Whole Foods Market

Wholesome!™, the leading U.S. brand of Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO verified sugars and sweeteners, has announced that it has started selling Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Cane Sugar with Whole Foods Market. Already hitting store shelves, Wholesome! is one of the first companies to bring Biodynamic Cane Sugar to the United States.

The Wholesome! brand, formerly known as Wholesome Sweeteners, specialises in selling delicious, clean sweeteners that are produced with care for the consumer as well as care for the planet and the farmers that grow them.

"Incorporating biodynamic farming principles was a natural extension for us at Wholesome!," explained Nigel Willerton, chief executive officer. "Our new Biodynamic Cane Sugar is grown and produced through this holistic approach to organic agriculture that encompasses the environmental and ethical stewardship that we cherish in every Wholesome! product."

Grown in the lush, green, organic sugar cane fields of Paraguay, Biodynamic Cane Sugar is a delicious, unrefined alternative to refined white sugar. Made from freshly squeezed Biodynamic cane juice, which is then evaporated and crystallized on harvest day, it captures a tiny bit of natural molasses in each blond crystal making it delightfully sweet and flavorful. Used as a one-for-one replacement for refined white sugar, it is a great complement to hot or cold beverages or used to sweeten desserts.

The holistic nature of Biodynamic farming strives to heal the planet by taking organic farming back to basics where nothing artificial disturbs nature's delicate balance. The farm is self-sustaining taking into account Earth's natural cycles and rhythms. Biodynamic farming methods also promote animal welfare and naturally restores the soil to produce amazing crops.