Winning Sting

Though we have spent most of lockdown restricted to one hour of outdoors activity per day, it has been more than enough time in order to explore local woodlands and fields for the likes of wild garlic, wild leeks, cherry blossom and more naturally abundant goods.


Even the previously disliked nettle has seen a rise in popularity, as it enjoys a new regard amongst foodies, though there is nothing new about using this ancient ingredient. However, that does not mean we have conquered avoiding being stung while picking, so be sure to wear gloves to avoid the pain when foraging!

Nettle Italiano

A familiar cuisine for nettles is that of Italian cooking, with a recent recipe from Jamie Oliver catching the attention of plenty online and inspiring them to utilise this misunderstood leaf in the context of a traditional ravioli. Other recipes have seen the leaf incorporated into risotto and even the pasta itself.

Soups and Sauces

Given its ability to add a vivid splash of green to your cooking, using nettles as part of soups or sauces has been a major trend as of late, as well as incorporating it into alternative pesto recipes too. Familiar tricks such as nettle tea are still popular, while the use of it as a porridge topping might need more time to convince many.

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