Winter Fancy Food Show Highlights

With 1,400 exhibitors at hand to showcase over 80,000 products, this year's Winter Fancy Food Show was always going to be a challenge keeping up with the latest trends, so we have compiled our favourites so you don't have to.

Convenience was key for many brands in attendance, from making the likes of eggs and cheese an on-the-go reality, or supporting the transition to a plant-based approach to cooking.

Sustainability continues to be highlighted strongly by brands, with an ever increasing focus upon the reduction of waste throughout the entire production chain as the climate crisis intensifies.

Fruit and Vegetables have continued to cement themselves within the traditional snacking market, as manufacturers continue to broaden their formats; fruit crisps, seaweed sticks, artichoke chips and seaweed puffs all great examples

Pickled goods have been enjoying a strong resurgence in recent years, so it was of little surprise to see plenty of such products on offer once again. Snacking pickles, pickled Brussel's Sprouts and pickles made from unwanted vegetable waste were all on show.

Meat-free alternatives echoed the overarching theme of plant-based diets, as an increasingly diverse range of products are developed to replace the familiar taste and texture of animal proteins. Jerky, vegan pork scratchings and even pork rinds with cheese were all available to those enjoying a vegan diet.

The full report from our time at the Winter Fancy Food Show can be found here.