Wolfgang Puck Coffee Announces New Recyclable EcoCup Available at Retail Fall 2015

Wolfgang Puck Coffee: As a chef he is passionate about making world-class taste experiences accessible. He is also an ardent pioneer when it comes to innovative sustainability and doing his part to create a healthier environment. In that spirit, Wolfgang Puck is proud to announce the launch of his new recyclable EcoCup™ capsule, an easy-to-recycle single-serve coffee capsule that is compatible with most Keurig® K-Cup® machines.

The recyclable EcoCup™ capsule helps to solve the environmental impact that is produced by traditional K-Cup® coffee capsule usage. The Wolfgang Puck Coffee experience will offer the same premium, delicious blends, but now in an environmentally friendly format. The EcoCup™ capsule will dramatically reduce landfill waste and will be a key factor when it comes to consumer purchasing patterns.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee partnered with Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee to bring the sustainable EcoCup™ capsule to market. In a survey conducted by Ipsos ResponseLab™ on behalf of Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee they found that 2/3 of current single-serve capsule consumers are more likely to buy the EcoCup™ capsule due to the recyclability factor.

WP Coffee's President, Eric McCoy states, "By offering premium coffee blends in a single use recyclable cup, we can expect to not only see a drive in sales by our loyal consumers, but also attract new buyers to the Wolfgang Puck Coffee brand. We are thrilled at the premium quality and innovation of the new EcoCup™ recyclable capsules."vb

The EcoCup™ capsules are easy to recycle: peel off the lid of the pod, compost the grounds, discard the lid and filter, and recycle the outer cup. All current Wolfgang Puck Coffee RealCup® blends will start the transition into EcoCup™ recyclable capsule format. All future WP Coffee blends will also be offered in the EcoCup™ format. The WP Coffee recyclable EcoCup™ capsule will be available online and at retailers nationwide starting late Fall 2015. Wolfgang Puck Coffee currently offers seven different blend varieties in a great mix of flavored, medium and dark roasts; Breakfast in Bed®, Go BOLD, Jamaican Me Crazy®, Rodeo Drive, After Dark Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated, Vanilla French Toast, and Hawaiian Hazelnut®.

"Billions of single-serve capsules have been discarded into landfills in North America alone and the number is growing daily. We are proud to bring to market a sustainable solution that will offer consumers the same delicious coffee while making a positive global impact." Stated Don Stoulil, Partner at Wolfgang Puck Coffee.