Woolworths AUS Stocks First Meat Free Mince in Meat Aisle

Australian supermarket chain Woolworths has made the big step in the vegan and vegetarian marketplace to make what has turned into a controversial move of adding plant-based mince, Minced, to its meat section.

The product, Funky Fields' Minced, is a a 400g packed that looks just like it's meaty alternative. Funky Fields said on Facebook ahead of the move, "Get ready for the biggest food revolution since sliced bread."

However, a number of voices have been calling for its removal from the supermarket's meat aisle, with meat-industry stakeholders and senior federal government MPs leading the charge. There has also been some bad reactions from the vegan community itself, saying that it's an offence to go down the meat aisle entirely.

Time will tell as to how Woolworths react to the calls from both sides, but whatever the outcome, it's a strong move and a statement of intent from the industry which continues to grow and gain popularity.


Another bit of news from the vegan industry which caught our eye last week was the step by London's French Fine Dining restaurant Gaulthier, Soho, to go vegan. For a venue that's used to serving 20kg of foie gras each week, however the increasing popularity of its vegan tasting menu, as well as the shift by chef and owner Alexis Gaulthier to lead a vegan lifestyle himself, is driving the change.

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