World Pasta Day 2019

World Pasta Day kicks off on October 25th, shining a light upon one of food's most diverse and loved goods, whether enjoyed in a messy maelstrom in the hands of children or paired with the simplest of ingredients to satisfy the most refined palettes; pasta is universal.

Easy to produce in its most basic forms, pasta is capable of being part of nutritious, innovative and sustainable diets which have helped it long establish itself as a fixture in the culinary enjoyment of many globally; this year's celebrations are certain to generate another rapturous appreciation of the Italian staple.

One establishment which is preparing itself for the festivities is Emilia's Crafted Pasta, with its Aldgate branch set to serve up free pasta all day on the 25th, inviting everyone to share in their passion for pasta. However, faced with the spectrum of possibilities, it can be tough to know which dish to celebrate with.

We recently investigated the growing diversification of the much loved Lasagna in our foodwatching report, where its revitalisation has already seen it take on a myriad of new forms; toasties, deep fried chunks, pies and vegan options. Read the full report here.

However you choose to celebrate, be it a family recipe or fine dining, the day spent with pasta is never wasted.