World Pasta Day 2020

Sunday sees World Pasta Day provide us with the best excuse to indulge in all our favourite dishes and cook up a storm as one of the world's most popular foodstuffs enjoys a day in the spotlight.

Pasta dishes have long been a source of culinary inspiration and comfort, as well as a perfect vehicle for social occasions where we can all gather around the table to share in a satisfying treat together.

Of course, this has changed as a result of COVID recently, placing many of us into a situation where being able to meet friends and family is limited; sometimes banned entirely for the sake of our shared safety. This has subsequently seen pasta rocket in demand, not simply as a way of stocking the cupboards with sustenance during lockdown, but also as a way of reconnecting with what was once familiar, but is now uncommon

Meal Kits

With much of the hospitality industry paralysed by the immediate lockdown as a result of the pandemic, the ability to repurpose business into meal kits became a booming endeavour, which still continues to bring familiar names to our doorsteps even now. In the world of pasta we saw the likes of Pasta Evangelists, Lina Stores, Padella and many more join the trend to serve up their trademark dishes to all of us in lockdown.

Mac & Cheese

A dish which has been a go to comfort treat for generations, Mac & Cheese has not only enjoyed a surge in popularity because of lockdown, but also due to its ability to act as a canvas to customise in whatever way our tastebuds take us. From the indulgent truffle laden incarnations to the more conscious vegan adaptations, this simple combination of pasta and cheese seems able to cater for all tastes & budgets.


Another of lockdown's biggest trends has proven to be this family feeding classic, blending comforting nostalgia with satisfying flavours, it was of little surprise that Lasagne enjoyed a revival as soon as we could all get our hands on pasta sheets and mince once again. As ever, there is a degree of versatility with pasta dishes which seems to make them crowd pleasers, be it nutrition packed vegetarian versions to seasonal celebrations; it has been this classic which has kept many of us smiling during 2020.

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