World Vegan Day 2019

Tomorrow celebrates another edition of the annual World Vegan Day, helping to increase awareness of alternative food choices and informing many of how their actions can contribute to establishing a more sustainable global food chain.

Though many of the health benefits which result from a vegan diet have been championed for some time, the increasing understanding of how pursuing a free from or plan based diet can improve sustainability are more resonant than ever before, with a diverse audience now incorporating a myriad of aspects within their traditional nutritional focus

With a much broader swathe of consumers now committing to a full time vegan intake, there has been an immense swell of mainstream vendors who now offer food choices based upon free from or plant based alternatives, with the likes of KFC and BrewDog taking the lead from champions Beyond Meat.

For further insight, our recent Free From & Vegan trend report provides greater analysis of this burgeoning scene, available here.