World Vegan Day Celebrates With Vegan Butcher

Sunday marks another celebration of World Vegan Day, an opportunity to recognise the progress and success of the global movement, as well as encouraging others to to join their community of conscious consumers by adapting their habits and diets.

The focus of this year's events is to shine a light upon the challenges which some of us are facing during these difficult times, bringing together communities within the broader vegan collective to support one another. One of the greatest issues remains affordability, with a great range of resources to be shared during the events, helping vegans new and old in their cause.

In London, one of the greatest markers of veganism's popularity shall be the opening of a brand new vegan butcher, created by Camden Market's legendary Rudy's Vegan Diner; opening in Islington.

Opening on World Vegan Day itself, Rudy's Vegan Butcher shall be giving away free packs of baycon to 200 customers, on a first come, first served basis; so you better get in line early for a free taste.

The range of available vegan meat options include dirty burgers, seitan chick'n, lobstah salad, a rack of jack and a Christmas turk'y for those eager for a taste of the festive season already.

Additionally, a new array of plant-based charcuterie will also be available, featuring ham, salami, pepperoni and the famous Rudy pastrami.

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