Yorkshire Business Sets Sail

A new Yorkshire business launched this September with a brand new product aimed at sailing and outdoor enthusiasts, Stowaway Foods. It is the latest convenience food brand designed to be taken on trips away, through its innovative design of packaging and storage.

The range includes twelve different dishes, of nine main meals and three soups including Chicken and Bacon Pasta, Chilli Con Carne, Lancashire Hotpot and Chunky Vegetable Soup. Each dish is packaged in lightweight pouches which don’t need to be refrigerated,
making them ideal to take away. Made with chunky, wholesome ingredients, each meal gives people the comforts of a home-cooked meal whilst out on an adventure.

The packaging has been designed so each pouch is easy to open through a simple tear mechanism reducing the need for tin openers and knives.

Tim Taylor from Stowaway Foods, said: “We launched our new product at the Southampton Boat Show and customers were really impressed with the design and packaging of our products. Having spent a lot of time on camping trips and having a passion for the outdoors, I felt there was a gap in the market for good tasting meals that can be taken on trips away. I usually take tinned food which can be really heavy which doesn’t offer a substantial meal and the only other option is freeze dried food which can be really tasteless. When people are doing physical exercise it’s important to have a nice tasting meal for recovery food as it helps you not only physically recover but also mentally.

Stowaway Foods provides great tasting food for active, outdoors people with tasty meals and soups in pouches giving people the convenience of a fast meal without the bulk and weight of tins.

The full range of products are available to purchase on their website www.stowawayfoods.com.