Zia Lucia Celebrates New Brook Green Opening with Green Dough Pizza

To celebrate the launch of pizzeria Zia Lucia's second London opening, coming to Brook Green on Saturday 3rd February, the popular Italian will add a green dough to the menu for the first two weeks of February in homage to their new neighbourhood.

Zia Lucia's new 'Brook Green Dough' addition, one of an evolving list of unique doughs, derives its distinctive green colour from the superfood Moringa which lends a herbal earthy flavour to the dough. Zia Lucia has become renowned for its impressive selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs, including a dramatic black vegetable charcoal dough, a healthy wholemeal and a crispy gluten free base.

Claudio, part of the Italian duo behind the restaurant, said: "Gianluca and I used to live in the area, it is where we met and we still have plenty of friends there who have been crying out for our pizzas.

"The area embraces our "neighbourhood" spirit and we hope to become the go-to destination for pizza- lovers in the West End".

We covered Moringa back in 2016 in our December healthwatching report, with the trend then fitting into three of our mega trends for 2017-18: Health is the new wealth; Ethical eating; Wellness your way.

Moringa, officially titled Moringa Oleifera, is a plant native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas, and has been used for generations in Eastern medicine to treat and present diseases, with the west now beginning to acknowledge its health-boosting properties.

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