2014 Food Trends Infographic

A brand new year is about to dawn bringing with it a global food scene that’s evolving at pace as it reacts to wider macro and consumer trends. To celebrate the new year, we’ve been heads down with our design team to bring to life the ‘Big 8’ Food Trends, Trend Setting Cuisines and Food Fusions for 2014 that we published during November and December in the form of an Infographic.

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In 2014 we expect the 5 historically identified macro trends of ‘Health’, ‘Tech’, ‘Society’, ‘Political’, ‘Enviro’ and ‘Fiscal’ continue to evolve.

These manifest themselves into 7 consumer trends for 2014 that include ‘Expressive individuals’, Experience & Indulgence’, ‘Simplicity & Comfort’, ‘Easy & Affordable’ and of course ‘Health & Wellness’.

The 'Big 8' Food Trends for 2014:

  • Hybrid - We’re very much in a neo global food era, where chefs operators and retailers have the permissibility to create new by overtly blurring traditional lines of demarcation and fusing known foods and formats to create hybrid food products and experiences

  • Guts & Glory – Food that is full on flavour, often simple in composition, satisfying and puts hero food at the centre of the plate at a price that's affordable

  • Back to the Future – A continued growth in food concepts, product formats, brands and recipes inspired by food from the past whether that be from the last decade or the last century, more often than not with a good helping of modern interpretation for today's consumer

  • Simple & Natural – Food products, food pairings and processes that are simply natural providing flavours, textures and preservations that quite simply taste of nature

  • All being well – A growing demand for food products and services with added health and wellbeing appeal for consumers, from diet to lifestyle health, for a consumer increasingly aware of how what they eat makes them feel

  • Outside in, Inside out – The influence from the garden, field and hedgerow continues to manifest to provide taste, texture, freshness, colour and holistic health feel good

  • Food with a conscience - Growing interest in where food comes from, how it is produced and against what standards from farm to table

  • Land & Place – It’s about taking advantage of ones country, region, a localities own unique larder

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Enjoy the 2014 Food Trends Infographic!