2014 Predictions from thefoodpeople

The foodwatching 2014 food trend predictions have just been released - for those of you who have a subscription to foodwatching.

To make this more digestible for you this year we have split the trends into four:-

·foodwatching 2014 Macro and Consumer trends

In this report we have identified and illustrated what we see as the key macro and consumer trends that will be influencing food and the way we eat.

·foodwatching 2014 Big Eight Food Trends

Here we have used the insight from the first report to identify eight over arching food trends that will be in evidence in food irrespective of sector.

·foodwatching 2014 Retail and Food Service Trends - coming soon

A deep dive into the food trends that are specific to either retail or foodservice or indeed both.

·foodwatching 2013 Trend Setting Cuisines - coming soon

An in depth look at the trend setting cuisines, food influences, chefs to watch and ingredients that will be big in 2014.

So read, digest, pause for thought then take action!

For those of you who don’t have a subscription – isn’t it about time?

Just ping an email to michelle@thefoodpeople.co.uk and she will show you inside our portal!