Adriano Zumbo Baking Range

Adriano Zumbo is one of Sydney’s most celebrated pâtissiers. Born in the central plains of New South Wales and self-made in the city, Adriano’s swiftly expanding empire began in 2007 with his Balmain shop front, where sugared-up locals couldn’t get enough of his

An appearance on the first series of Australian MasterChef helped introduce croquembouche to an even wider audience and made Adriano – and macarons – a household name.

It’s Adriano’s love affair with confectionery, combined with his Parisian training at institutions that include l'Ecole Lenôtre and Pierre Hermé which has resulted in a sensibility as delicious as it is irreverent. Constantly evolving and always considering his next move, cake, or idea, Adriano’s infectious energy keeps his fans on their toes.

Now, inspired by some of his bestsellers, he has created his own home-baking range which includes 3 types of macaron (salted caramel, passion fruit and chocolate raspberry), orange flourless cake and chocolate brownies.

The packaging is reason alone to buy these beauties, but if you’re actually going to make them too, instructions are also available online so perfection can be achieved.

If yours turn out like the packaging suggest – jolly well done!