All Things Sweet in the USA - Candy Theme Park and New HARIBO

The US have clearly got a hint of a sweet tooth at present with the launch of Los Angeles' new pop-up candy-based theme park, Sugar Rush, as well as HARIBO'S latest launch, Funtastic Mix, which features eight sweet flavours and more than 15 playful shapes.

Sugar Rush is a world of giant lollipops, cupcakes and all things sweet in what feels like a Willy Wonka world of entertainment. Initially intended as a drive-through experience at the height of the pandemic, the pop-up park situated on a 50,000 square foot parking lot now offers sweet relief from lockdown in California, an experience that's aimed as much at the parents as their children.

"We like to say that Sugar Rush is Burning Man and Willy Wonka getting together for a radical spin-off and that's what you have here," explained Jasen Smith, chief executive of Experiential Supply, who created the park.

From giant sized candy to snack bags and HARIBO have recently introduced an exciting new bag of sweets called Funtastic Mix. The bag combines fun shapes, a variety of gummi textures, and several colour and flavour combinations. The eight sweet flavours and colours include Orange (orange), Blueberry (violet), Pineapple (white), Lemon (yellow), Black Currant (blue), Strawberry (pink), Apple (green) and Raspberry (red). Inspired by imaginative adventures, the mix features multiple new characters and fan-favourite shapes including: caterpillars, crocodiles, flamingos, chameleons, dinosaurs, pacifiers, planes, racing cars, robots and lemonade bottles, to name a few.

Find out more about the new mix here.