Amcor Receives Four WorldStar Awards for Packaging Design Innovations

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has selected four Amcor packaging solutions as winners of the WorldStar Awards 2016. From extending shelf life to reducing environmental footprint, all four of the winning Amcor solutions use technical advancements to improve packaging for both Amcor's customers and end consumers.

Amcor's WorldStar Award winners for 2016 are:

Dessiflex® is a desiccant impregnated film used for medical and pharmaceutical products. The film is extremely effective at both removing internal moisture and minimising moisture penetration through sealed edges of the package. It can even remove moisture following high humidity sterilisation. The proprietary technology eliminates the need for sachets and other moisture scavengers, reducing the pack's environmental footprint by approximately 20% compared to a pouch with a desiccant sachet.

AirFluSal® Forspiro® is a new respiratory inhaler for people suffering with asthma/COPD developed by Amcor's partner Sandoz International. Amcor designed an aluminium blister strip for the powder inside the inhaler based on a novel seal layer between its Formpack® base and blister lid foil. The blister strip ensures a longer shelf life through excellent moisture protection, and improves release of the powder from the cavity. By removing the strip in the feedback window, patients can check whether they have taken the prescribed number of inhalations per day.

STELVIN® Inside, a new range of aluminium wine closures and liners, doubles wine makers' Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) choices. Each of the four liners offers a different OTR target which, through technical and material developments, ensures a controlled level of oxygen dispersion, giving wine makers and consumers' consistency from one bottle to the next. All of the films used in the liners are produced by Amcor and are PVDC-Free.

Lipton® Pandora is a collaboration between Amcor and Lipton to create a new hot-fill rigid plastics bottle that is ergonomic, cost-effective and more sustainable. Amcor was able to identify areas for significant material reduction, resulting in a total packaging weight of just 22 grams, making it one of the lightest commercialized hot fill containers in the world. It is exceptionally rigid despite its light weight, thanks to a specialized base that flexes as the product cools and body panels that maintain rigidity. The bottle's unique curved design, inspired by tea leaves, uses 30% less PET than before and fits comfortably in the hand for a tactile consumer experience.

Winners were selected by representatives from 19 packaging associations, members of WPO (World Packaging Organization), who judged 293 packaging projects, from 35 countries, that entered the WorldStar Awards 2016.