An American icon - Coca Cola bottle celebrates 100 years with global campaign

In 1915, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a design patent featuring a bottle whose curvaceous shape was intended to be instantly recognizable. No one could have anticipated that one hundred years later, that shape and the patent that started it all would be on display and celebrated at the National Archives – home to the most important records in U.S. history. - Coca Cola

The instantly recognisable look and feel of the bottle has developed and evolved over the decades but in essence the aesthetics is not far removed from its original design a century ago, one which has become an American icon.

To celebrate its 100-year milestone, Coca Cola is launching a year-long campaign that includes a series of international art exhibits, a book, new advertising including vintage bottle ads and a music anthem, showcasing its role in popular culture the world over.

See a chronology of the Coca-Cola Bottle over the past 100 years -